NOTICE: effective 01/26/2014 I am no longer accepting applications for new Chatlands sites and I am unable to proceed with those of you that have already applied.

The problem is that I am working way too many hours on my day job, and the current Chatlands site owners are not getting enough of my time to meet those obligations. I apologize for this but I don't have any choice right now. I want the sites that are currently online to have a chance to grow.

When I do start up Chatlands sites again, I will probably be forced to charge 2 deltas per day for the site operating costs. This is still under consideration and I will be deciding soon. In the meantime, all current Chatlands sites will be operating under the existing rules.

Again, I am very sorry that I can't continue to create new sites, and that I may end up having to charge an operating fee for existing sites, but at this point in time I feel that I don't have any choice but to do this.

===William Underwood===
President, wunderwood LLC

"How Do I Start My Own Chatlands™ Chat Site?"


Hi there!

A lot of people have been thinking about starting their own 2D avatar chat site similar to Wolfhome, or other Chatlands™ sites that they've seen "popping up" recently. This page attempts to explain the process.

Age Requirement

Generally speaking, anyone 18 or older can start a Chatlands chat. We hate rules like that, but in this case we feel we have no choice. We require that you must be 18 or older because of concerns about the things that chat site adminstrators can (and will) encounter, i.e. "adult content". This includes conversations with sexual discussions, threats of self harm or of violence against others, and many other sensitive topics. It's true that these same topics occur every day on all types of different web sites, such as Facebook, online forums, personal emails, and so on, but on Chatlands™ we want to recognize such concerns up front.

So, if you are not at least 18, perhaps you can find someone who is. If that person agrees to start a chat, they would be the official "owner" but it's up to the two of you to decide how to assign the responsibilities. Unfortunately, this is the best we can offer for people that are younger than 18 that want to have "their own Chatlands™ site".

Things You Need to Do

Now, aside from the age requirement, you will need to have a map and some rooms, and perhaps one or more sets of six-color poses (we previously called these tri-color, but now the program allows up to six distinct colors).

Important! This is a Work in Progress...

Chatlands™ is still a bit of a "work in progress" and in all likelihood it will continue to be evolving for quite a while. I work on updates (and bug fixes) to this when I can find time to do it, but the reality is that there are problems from time to time and I promise that I will try to fix them just as soon as I can.

Site Costs and the Site Delta Bank:

Currently there is an initial set fee of 10 deltas. There are NO further costs after that until you add more administrators to the site AND you have the site configured to give them "free" subscriptions (continue reading for more information...).

There is a TEN DELTA (Δ10) set up fee charged to your account to initially create and configure your Chatlands™ chat site. There are NO ADDITIONAL COSTS to running your site as long as you are the only administrator. That means that sites are FREE to operate by yourself after they are set up. However, while there isn't a charge to own a Chatlands site after it's set up, subscription costs for any extra administrators that help you run your site are paid for from the Site Delta Bank (unless you change that setting on the site maintenance page). Any chat site administrator that chooses a BASIC or higher subscription will cost your site one-half of the regular subscription rate.

FOR EXAMPLE: If an "extra" administrator has an ULTIMATE subscription, the site delta bank is charged 0.165 deltas each day (the regular cost is 0.33 deltas). If the admin has a BASIC subscription instead, the site is charged 0.03 deltas.

PLEASE NOTE: It is a good idea to tell all of your admins to take a serious look at their subscriptions! Most people have a habit of just bumping it to ULTIMATE and forgetting all about it, but unless someone has a huge number of poses or multiple custom rooms, they should probably NOT DO THAT and instead they should use a BASIC or STANDARD account and save the site a lot of costs!

These site costs are offset by any subscriptions that other users have on your site.

So, if the site has enough paid subscriptions, it will be free to operate, but if you have too many administrators with high level subscriptions, it may cost more than it's taking in. As you add more users, you'll be able to add more administrators. Typically, a site only needs more administrators when it has a lot of regular members, so the cost should continue to be free in almost all cases.


Right now setting up a chat site is still being handled on a "case by case" basis. I intend to make an announcement once this is a stable and nearly automatic process.

More Details

There is more information about Chatlands in general and running a Chatlands site at these links:

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